Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Just Like Nelly Said

Dioanna was complaining about the heat in the gym.  I got there a little late, and the fan was already on, and the window I forgot to close last week was still open, but I agreed with her.  The humidity was so high.   I thought of a rap song, "It's Hot In Here" by Nelly (whatever happened to him?).  Sparring went on, but no one did more than a few rounds.

Pedro did triple duty.  In the photo above, he and Franco sparred for a couple of rounds before giving in to the heat.  Pedro also sparred with Ren.  Both Alan noticed that Pedro was very hunched over while in the ring with Ren.  "You're taller than him," Alan told Pedro, "so don't fight down to his height.  Make Ren reach up to you."

Gabriel apologized for not being up at Garfield Park last Friday for the boxing show.  I told him not to worry because Alan and I wasn't there, either.  Barry took a few of his guys to compete, but I didn't hear how they did.  In the photo above, Gabriel and Tony sparred.  

In this photo, Ren grabs onto Gabriel to slow down his momentum.  It was like David fighting Goliath.  Three times, Ren hit Gabriel down south.  The third time, Gabriel was kneeling on the canvas.  It took him a little time to recover.  When he got back up, Pedro and I noticed that Gabriel kept one hand covering up his, uh, sensitive spot.  "I don't blame him!"  I told Pedro.

Amanda, the woman in the picture above, sparred with me.  I promised to take it easy, but I think I went a little too hard with the body shots.  Amanda, however, had a good hard right, and I tried to slip it.  I wasn't always successful.  It was her first time sparring.  

Professor came in with a lady friend.  He had previously told me of an open coach's position at Seward Park.  When I called that field house inquiring about it, the supervisor told me it wasn't posted online yet, and I would have to apply online.  But then I heard it had been posted, but the posting hadn't been up long before it had been taken down.  I don't think it was filled that quickly, but then, it could have been.  I'll keep my eyes open.

Tyson, in the green shirt hits the bag, while two guys hover around the door in the background.  The one in the lighter top told me he was interested in getting back in shape.  Alan talked to him for a little awhile after that, but I don't know if the guy made a decision to sign up or not.  

Pedro and Matthew face each other in the ring.  Pedro's becoming more comfortable each time he spars.

Another copy of this year's park district boxing show schedule was found in the gym (the other one came up missing from the wall where Alan posted it).  I forgot to write the dates down.  I'll do that the next time I come in, because I need to stay on top of those dates as much as Alan.  Gabriel asked that if I spoke to Barry anytime soon, to see if Barry knows of any guys that would match up with him for fights.  I'm sure there are, but it's a matter of finding them.  

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