Tuesday, June 04, 2013

My Youngest Yet

Alan told me that perhaps I should leave my camera in my locker.  I forgot to take it with me to the gym; I was halfway there when I noticed I did not have it with me.  Every time I forget it, I regret it, because I miss some good photos that I could have posted on here.  So today, I have to revert to whatever I have already stored on my computer.

It was a good crowd there: Amy, Sarah, Doug, Colonel, Kenny, Paul, Dylan, Zenia (pronounced ZAY-na), Nathaniel, and Dante.  Colonel asked where Vachel was.  Some mornings I see her on the bus during my commute to work, but I haven't seen her in awhile.

Colonel and Kenny sparred for about two rounds, with Kenny giving instructions to his dad.  I kept hearing him say, "Stop leaning back."  Colonel was coughing a lot after their last round, but he was okay.

Alan was going to put me in with Zenia, but Colonel was already suited up, so he and Kenny went first.  After they were done, I was put in with Dante.  Kenny had told Dante to come around the gym so that he could work with him.  However, Alan told them both that Mary was not going to be happy about Dante hanging around in the gym, when Dante should be in Barry's boxing class.  Dante is 14 years old.  I thought about that as I was putting on my headgear.  He's the second one this month who thought I was a grandmother.  The gray in my hair must really be standing out these days.  Dante was also the youngest person I've sparred with so far.

Dante had youth and quickness on his side, so I gave up the idea of chasing him around the ring early on.  He was slipping punches, similar to how Kenny had avoided the ones coming from Colonel, and later on, Doug (who sparred for the first time).  After a couple of rounds, Dante said, "You're really good!"

I sparred with Sarah for two rounds, then I got in with Zenia.  She only did one round.  Her shoulder was bothering her.  After the bell rang, she said, "I feel old."  Colonel laughed, "I'm probably three times older than you!"  I told her my age, and she said, "You don't fight like someone who's fifty-one!"

Sarah and Amy sparred for a couple of rounds.  Alan was making jokes.  "That's sibling rivalry," he said, as Sarah caught Amy lightly in the face with a right.  "I bet she won't go in Sarah's closet again," he grinned.

Kenny continued working with his buddies, Paul and Dylan.  "We're gonna keep coming in.  I've got to lose this," Paul grinned as he patted his stomach.

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