Thursday, June 06, 2013

Age Correction

Kenny and Gabriel started off the sparring action at the gym.

Gabriel and his brother Sebastian talk in-between rounds in this photo.  Sebastian's finger still needs time to heal, so he's not sparring for awhile.  Afterwards, Kenny told him that Gabriel hits hard.  "Yeah, I know," Sebastian replied.

Dante, the young man on the right in this photo, came into the gym again today.  Kenny and Alan explained that Dante has to come to the youth boxing class ran by Barry from here on in.  Kenny told him he'll continue to work with him, however; Kenny has gym equipment at his house.  But Dante was allowed to stay in the gym and train.  I had his age wrong the other day.  Dante is not 14, he's thirteen.  Still the youngest person I've ever sparred with in the gym.

Zenia's punches seem to get more solid and harder each time we spar.

Zenia still gets tired easily, but that happens to everyone the first few times they spar.  Anyone can get their wind up with exercises, but those exercises have to be consistent.  Some try running, others jog.  When I was still roller skating regularly, that helped with me having stamina in the ring.

Alan grinned as he put gloves on Dante.  "I'm putting him in with 'the baby killer'," he said.  I thought he was talking about Kenny, but Alan meant Sarah.  In the photo above, Dante does get a jab in.  He also got in a right to Sarah's face.  Dante moved faster than Sarah, and slapped down a lot of her punches.  But she used her arm reach to connect most of the time.

Kenny kept telling Dante, "Box right!"  Dante was getting caught in the corners and against the ropes, but he was able to turn out and spin away most times.

Amy and Sarah were laughing a lot during their sparring session.  They'd slap at each other's punches, then Sarah forced Amy up against the ropes a lot.  Amy did put some light jabs and rights to her sister's face.  Sarah had her fist in Amy's face, pushing her back.  That's one of the things they were laughing about.

Josh came in late as usual, but he did get to spar with Gabriel.  Josh was a little more controlled with his punches than usual.

Professor sent me a message asking me to let Andres know that he was going to be in the gym in three weeks.  It seems that Professor wants to have another sparring session with Andres.  I passed on the message to Andres who confirmed he'll be there.


Paula Jones said...

I want to box!

Hillari said...

Do you have a gym near you? There are many women who would like to learn how, but don't want to spar (which I totally understand). A great workout can be had via aerobic boxing, which involves using the equipment, but without the sparring.

Michelle said...

Impressive, I wish I had the motivation to get to a gym, especially for sparring. Sounds like the perfect destress-er.