Monday, March 11, 2013

Rounds and More Rounds

Andre poses for the camera in the photo above.  I'll send him a copy of the picture.  He explained about having to take a test in class which kept him out of participating in the Golden Gloves.  "Don't worry about it; you did what you had to do.  There will be other opportunities to fight," I told Andre.  Promoters who put together show fights and even the people who put the Park District fights together are always begging for heavyweights to fill up the fight cards.

Danny, another guy who I hadn't seen in a long while, came in, bringing a friend of his, Julian, along.  Colonel explained that Kenny taught Danny how to box.  In turn, Danny taught Julian how the box.  Both guys looked good in the ring and on the bags.  In the photo above, Kenny takes on Danny.

Danny and Julian mix it up as Alan and Kenny give pointers.

Kenny works with Julian on the pads.

Vachel decided to try out sparring again.  I sparred with her for two rounds before Sarah stepped in.  Before I went in the ring, Colonel told me to "go easy" on Vachel, and I did.  It was easier to tag Vachel than it was trying to get in punches on Sarah (I did a total of four rounds).  I practiced throwing left hooks on the bag before I sparred, and amazingly, I was able to catch Sarah with some left hooks.  I never use that punch, and I need to force myself to get it in there.

Igor didn't come in.  He keeps promising to spar again with both Brandy and myself, but it hasn't happened yet.  I still want my revenge for those pops I took to my gut.  Now that I know Igor's a southpaw, I'm better prepared for him.

I'm planning to go with Kenny and Colonel when they go to a gym where fire fighters have been training for the upcoming firefighter vs. police boxing match.  It's an annual event that raises money for charities that support and help firefighters and police officers.  I've never been to that boxing show, and I hear that there are some very good boxers on the card.  Alan wondered if Meg - who's a spokesperson for the Fire Department - fights in that show.  I'm not sure, but I wouldn't be surprised if she did.

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