Thursday, March 07, 2013

De Boksado Decido

Alan and I talked earlier in the afternoon.  He said that he wasn't going to be at the gym because Andre was scheduled to have a super heavyweight match at the Chicago Golden Gloves. 

Brandy arrived at the gym, and I was just about to announce that Alan wouldn't be in when we heard a knock at the window.  Brandy went to the crash door just outside the gym, and she let Alan in.  I was surprised to see him.  There had been a few changes in the tournament schedule.  Unfortunately, the most recent change had Andre fighting on the same night he has a class -- and a test was scheduled in class.  Andre couldn't skip out on it, so he decided not to participate in the tournament.

Andre had to do what he had to do.  He'll get another chance to fight.  But it's too bad he couldn't have had a chance to get a trophy at the Golden Gloves this year.  Sigh. . .that just leaves Kevin, who unfortunately, wasn't in the gym to train that evening.

There was another round robin session of sparring.  As Alan put it, Reygie was the "robin".  I sparred with Reygie for three rounds, and I was worn out afterwards.  Alan told me I wasn't digging hard enough with my body shots.  Brandy took a turn with Reygie for a few rounds as seen in the photo above.

Walter got in with Reygie, and Alan told him not to turn his back on Reygie.  Walter stopped for a moment because he jammed his thumb.  The thumb had been injured previously.  Walter pulled his glove off for a second, but then he quickly put it back on.  "Let's do this," he told Reygie, and they continued. 

Vachel didn't have a mouthpiece, but after being convinced by Alan, she agreed to get into the ring with Reygie.  A request was made of Reygie to go very easy, and he did.  One of the nice things about Reygie is that he'll let the women work their punches on him. 

As Sarah sparred with Reygie, Vachel cheered her on. 

At the end of the evening, as Alan and I were leaving the gym, the both of us kept going, "Oof", and "Uhhn".  Alan didn't do a heavy workout, but I exerted a lot of energy, especially while I was in the ring with Reygie.  I figure that both Alan and I were experiencing another round of aches due to getting and being older.

The title of this post means, "A Boxing Decision".  I've taken up learning Esperanto again. 

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