Thursday, February 28, 2013

Round Robin Boxing in the Ring

As I approached the field house, I could see that the lights of the boxing gym were on.  Jilberto and I walked down to the gym door when I got inside.  "Oops, the coach is naked," Jilberto said.  "Naked?  Who's naked?" I laughed, as I peered inside the gym.  Alan was just pulling up his gym pants.  "There's nothing to see," he grinned.

The sparring began with a round robin between Sarah, myself, and Brandy.  I was seriously planning not to spar.  The effects of the hits I took from Brandy earlier in the week had caught up to me.  My stomach was feeling a little queasy, and I couldn't figure out why.  But when Alan looked at me and said, "Get ready," I was ready to rumble.

I didn't want sparring between Sarah and I to turn into one of our usual wars, so I was trying to pull punches.  But once I started throwing a punch of hooks and focusing on her mid-section, the action got kicked up a bit.  Sarah stepped out after the first round, and Brandy came in to give me more of her good body shots.  Brandy and Sarah sparred together during the next round.  Then I got a third round in with Sarah again. 

Walter and Reygie mixed it up.  It seemed that Walter wasn't throwing his right all the way out most times.  But then he did catch Reygie with a right.  Walter was covering up a lot, something that he's very good at doing.  Reygie, quick as ever, got in a lot of jabs and rights that landed. 

Walter was nice enough to leave the double-end that he brings in at the gym so people can use it even if Walter's not there.  I put it inside my locker at the end of the evening so it wouldn't disappear. 

Colonel keeps promising that his daughter will come into the gym.  He's always saying that she's a good fighter.  But he told her that she can't come in sparring right away; she'll have to work her way up to that like most do.  His daughter came to a match that Kenny had at Eckhart Park a couple of summers ago, but I didn't get a chance to meet her.

Kenny worked with Brandy and I on pads.  I felt like I had done better on the pads than I had in a long, long time.  If only I can make those same crisp punches when I'm in the ring!  I need a lot of practice. 

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