Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Gym Dancing

Feeling better on Wednesday, I opted to spar with Reygie.  But before I could get my turn, Reygie sparred first with Arnold, then with Brandy.

Arnold could have sworn that he threw his mouthpiece in his gym bag before he left the house but it wasn't there.  Alan had to improvise and give him some paper to bite down on.  "I'm only in the ring with him because he's got a fight coming up," Arnold said in between rounds. 

Just like when I was in the ring with him, Reygie encouraged Brandy to get in as many hits on him as possible. 

Alan told me, "Come on, Hillari, you're not really hitting him!".  I was trying, but Reygie covers up like a turtle, and it was hard to get those uppercuts in.  I got in close and gave Reygie a few right hooks to the body.  "Stop holding him," Alan said.  That was the first time I had did that to someone that I can remember.

I noticed Alan was wearing a mouthpiece, and I gave him a look.  "We're just going to throw body shots!" he insisted before getting into the ring with Reygie.  "Coach, you can hit me in the face!" Reygie said.  "We have to look out for him," I told Reygie, referring to Alan.

Colonel brought in his iPod again.  I was steppin' more than I was working out at times.  I was even dancing in the corners a little in between the rounds I was sparring with Reygie.  He was dancing, too.  "Go Reygie, go Reygie, it's your birthday!" I was saying while he was shaking in the ring. 

I used to dance a lot of time in between rounds when I used to workout in the church's gym a few years ago.  The radio would be blasting with the music I had burned onto CDs.  Pastor Roger would see me shadow boxing or jogging around the gym, but he never did catch me dancing.  I know I would have been admonished. 
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