Monday, June 18, 2012

Hot Box Gym

There's going to be a heat wave this week, which means it feels twice as hot in the gym.  I did my best sparring with Andre Two on Monday evening, but I was gassed out early.  "Pace yourself, Hillari," Alan kept saying.  The high temperatures made me wilt.  The fan was on, but it didn't do much in terms of pushing cool air around.

Andre Two and Gene went around for a few rounds.  Andre Two has a fight coming up soon out in the suburbs.  Alan confirmed it with Sam, the promoter who's putting on the boxing show. 

Alan kept telling Gene to grab Andre Two's arms.  After awhile, he did, slowing Andre Two down for a moment. 

I joked to Jacob after I finished sparring with Andre Two: "Are you going in next?"  "I forgot it, or else I would have.  I think I subconsciously forgot it," Jacob smiled. 

The Maize bag got put into use again, but I don't think I work with it correctly.  I'm going to have to find some videos on YouTube to get some ideas on how to best use it in training. 

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Amy Phillips said...

I felt the same way this week, Hillari. My gym gets unbearably hot, and walking outside on days like these you can barely register a difference. I actually left early because I was DONE. Every time I'd get up from sitting someone would make me go back down!