Thursday, June 14, 2012

Gym Time On Wednesday

When I got to the field house, I noticed that Igor was in Mary's office.  I wondered why he dared come behind the front counter to do so.  A few moments later, he shows me that he has a receipt for the payment of his fee for the summer session.  "Fine," I said, before Jilberto caught my attention regarding opening the gym door.  I wonder if I had not said anything to Igor on Monday about paying the fee would he have bothered to pay it at all.

Andre One came in briefly, and Alan told him he had to pay his fee for the session.  "Alright, I'll be back on Monday", he said on his way out. 

Andy noticed some people were missing that had been in on Monday, namely John and Gene.  Alan explained to the newbies that a lot of people go MIA after a few times in the gym.  "But we don't want that to happen," he said.  Five of the seven people signed up are new; it wouldn't be a good situation if several of them decided to give up.

No sparring took place Wednesday night.  None of the newbies were ready, Amy doesn't spar, her sister Sarah is out on a break, and the other guys who normally spar were nowhere to be found.  I don't count Igor among the guys who regular spar.  Igor begs to spar occasionally, but when the opportunity is presented, he quickly changes his mind.  I think it has something to do with Igor wanting to have total say-so regarding whom he'll spar.  Igor's not the first to pull that.  Jordan used to whine to Steve to get put in the ring, but if the other person was somebody Jordan didn't believe he could "beat", he'd decline.  Two seconds later, Jordan would try to convince Steve to put him in with someone who was new to the gym, and/or whom Jordan knew had little to no boxing experience. 

Alan looked at me while I was shadow boxing in the mirrors, and said, "Hillari, you're setting a bad example for the new people."  He pointed out that I wasn't turning my back leg when I threw straight rights.  "That's been a problem ever since I was hit by a car last year.  I have to keep remembering to do that," I explained.  If you've been reading these posts for awhile, you remember me showing up to the gym with my left knee in soft braces, hobbling around on a cane.  Turning the right knee at that time put pressure and pain on my left knee, so I stopped doing it.  But when my left knee healed - well, as healed up as it could, considering I never went to the doctor to check it out - I had to re-train myself to get back to proper form.  Sometimes I do it right, and sometimes I don't.

In the photo above, Alan talks with DJ (on the left), Andy (in the middle), and Jason (not Jacob, as I wrote the other day) about boxing techniques and sparring.  Andy boxed while he was attending high school at Gordon Tech years ago.  DJ has some kickboxing experience, and I believe Jason said he had taken Tae Kwon Do in the past. 

I gave away some of my old hand wraps, which I finally got around to washing out.  Sara took one pair, and James took another.  I should have told them to make sure not to throw those in with the rest of the wash when they need cleaning because the wraps bleed.  I'll remember to say something on Monday.

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