Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Middle Aged Folks Spar Again

It's the last week of the winter session, and the gym was quiet Monday night.  Alan, Jacob, Professor, myself, and Josh (Josh showed up the last 15 minutes of the evening).  Jacob and Alan sparred, and I called out instructions to Jacob.  "Throw that right all the way out," I told him, as I saw Alan winding up to throw an overhand right.  Alan got Jacob in the side of his face with a right at one point, and I gasped.  "I just slapped at him," Alan said.  Jacob got in a few good shots to Alan's middle, and a few to his head.

Alan and I sparred; it was the first time I sparred in two months.  I fell at one point, partially because I tripped over my own feet, and partially because Alan threw a good punch.  He had to help me up off of the canvas.  I threw a few hard punches during the first round, and Alan joked, "So. . .you want a piece of me?"  I took some more punches to my eyes and face before the sparring session ended after the second round.  "That's enough for your first time back," Alan said.  My knees were fine; I had gone to the doctor for a check-up earlier in the afternoon.  The doctor told me since I wasn't feeling any more major pain from January's car accident, there probably wasn't a need to have X-rays done.

Professor worked with Jacob on the pads, helping him throw his right hand better, as well as his hooks.  Josh walked in while they were doing that.  He wanted me to hold pads for him.  "Professor's got his on.  I'm tired.  I just got out of the ring with Alan," I told Josh.  Josh didn't ask Professor for time on the pads, however.  He did ask him to check his form on the bag, and Alan watched as well.  "I let you come in and just burn yourself out on the bag because you come in so late," Alan told Josh.  "That's fine for a workout, but if you want to learn the punches, you have to come in earlier, take your time, and slow down on the bags."

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