Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Reason To Skip The Gym

Instead of going to the gym on Monday, I went to a second annual alumni gathering of my old high school classmates.  Instead of being limited to the first two classes that ever graduated out of the high school (the place hadn't been open long when I started attending there), the gathering was open to all alumni.  It was held at pub in the West Loop.

As you can see, I quickly found a real drink (sodas were supplied in the cost), then I went around the room.  Several people had seen my fight from September on Facebook.  "You whipped her!" Mario told me.  Rochelle said, "Keep doing your thing, girl!" 

I've said too many times on the blog that I don't like missing nights at the gym, but seeing old buddies and having a good time was worth missing a night. 

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