Thursday, November 04, 2010

Good Exchanges

Eric came in and announced that he's a dad again.  The next day after the last time he was in the gym, his wife gave birth to a boy.  Fortunately, labor did not have to be induced.  That was great news.

Hayk (I misrepresented his name as Ike previously, and I hope I'm spelling it right now) came in, as did Danny and Jamil.  Hayk and Jamil sparred; Hayk gave Jamil a lot of good pointers while they were in the ring.  Eric also sparred with Hayk.  Alan kept pointing out to them at various times, "Good exchange."

A good exchange is when the boxers trade a series of good, well-executed punches.  I ended up sparring with Eric, with whom I had never sparred before.  I learned quickly that he hits rather hard, especially when a jab landed square on my nose.  I felt that I was better at deflecting and patting down his punches than I usually am with someone who has longer arms than I.  Eric backed up, then came in, and I threw a bolo punch (overhand right).  It connected.  Alan said, "That was the best I've ever seen you throw that punch."  After the bell rang, Eric said, "It landed a little behind my neck, but it was thrown well.  You got me."

Around 8:45 PM, Josh came bouncing into the gym.  He told Alan that he tried to sign up online, but received a message that registration was unavailable.  It's a little too early for him to sign up for the winter session, anyway.  However, it would be a good idea to pay for the rest of the Fall session.  Neither Josh or Alan needs to incur Mary's wrath. 

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