Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Feeling Out of Sorts

Alan was parking his car just as I walked up to the field house last night.  We were the first ones in the gym.  Jamil came in, and so did Leon.  Leon was sporting a beard, and he was talking about sparring and getting fights.

My main gym bag has been light these days.  I try not to carry a whole lot of stuff in it anymore. Have to save wear and tear on my shoulder.  It needs to be aired out more than I usually remember to do that.  Inside is my headgear, mouthpiece, bag gloves, a couple of pairs of handwraps, first aid supplies, lotion, feminine sanitary products, lip balm.  The other gym bag I own has various items, including workout clothes, other handwraps and CDs.  That bag I used to take up to church to work out, that is, until someone stole the good boom box.  A new radio was brought, but I transitioned back to workout out at home when the old radio was stolen. 

Truth be told, I've gone back to only exercising while at the boxing gym.  The demands of paralegal classes have knocked out the other two days of the week that I would like to work out.  They have to be put back in, however.  I was fooled into thinking menopause would not be that much of a problem, based on my mother's easy experience with it.  But suddenly, I've been hit with bouts of irritability, and a bit of what feels like depression.  Extra exercise might help alleviate that; I didn't feel like this during the summer when I was exercising four days a week, I know that. 

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