Friday, September 17, 2010

Summer Cold Problem

Didn't go to the gym Wednesday night because of having caught a late summer cold.  I was at home both Wednesday and Thursday, trying to rush the sickness away.  I went to work this morning, so I feel somewhat better, but what a pain. 

Another pain -- it appears that someone has walked with two radios at church, one of which I used whenever I worked out in the church's gym.  I was coming down with the cold Tuesday, but I was going to do a workout.  Then I noticed the radio I use was not in its usual spot.  I had planned to transition back to working out at home with DVDs come next month due to time restraints brought on by my going to school.  I also didn't want to drag my gear back and forth once the weather got cooler and the sun wasn't out as much.  I guess I'm going to do that transition earlier than expected now.  

Professor left a message on the Internet for me that he plans to fight in Loyola Park's boxing show next Friday.  He asked me to let Alan know.  I called Alan and left a message on his voice mail.  Now there's just the matter of finding someone to match Professor up with. 

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