Thursday, August 12, 2010

Monday and Randy and I

Evangelina and I sparred on Monday.  It didn't go well for me as I took more hits to the head.  The problem?  Not having my hands up high enough.  It is so easy for someone taller than me to punch down on me.  I never seem to anticipate that, and I get my head handed to me. 

Professor was giving out a lot of advice, and the guys were listening.  He later asked Alan about coaching professional boxers.  Just like Steve before him, Alan said he wanted no part of it.  The big thing is time.  A professional boxing coach has to also act as a manager to an extent.  That means watching tapes of possible opponents, making matches, being more available for training, etc. 

The mystery 190 pound guy who came in that day I missed gym last week was a no show again.  I wish he had showed up, based on the excitement that took place when he was there.

On Wednesday, soft-spoken Randy and I sparred.  He got me in the face several times, but afterwards he said that I successfully popped him in the middle many times.  I didn't think I had touched him at all.  In fact, I never think that I connect half the time I'm in the ring.

Right after Alan said it was time to go home at 9:00 PM, Josh decides he wants to do punch mitts for a minute.  I let him and Mike use my punch mitts, but I'm just now thinking that the punch mitts never made it back into my locker.  Sigh. . .I'll go in the gym to see Barry on Thursday.  I've left my bag gloves out on the gym floor before, and they were still there the next time I came in.  Hopefully, the punch mitts will still be there, too.

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