Thursday, July 01, 2010

Our Own Wolfman

Evangelina squared off against Nick in the ring.  She handled herself fine, blocking his punches, and getting in quite a few good ones.  We found out that she has one brother, who is younger than she is.  "We thought you had a lot of brothers that you had to fight to get to the dinner table," Alan chuckled.  She is also a 6th grade school teacher.

Josh came in, but just as he and I were going to work on the punch mitts, Alan asked me to suit up.  I went in the ring with Shay.  She threw more punches than she did the last time, but there were still moments when she was turning her back.  Shay can throw hard punches, but she doesn't often throw them full out.  I threw many hooks, some of which landed, but I did not put full force on them. 

Alan said that Joan was bleeding a little bit after she sparred with Evangelina on Monday.  I didn't notice that she was.  We wondered aloud if that was why she didn't come to the gym tonight. 

Anthony is becoming like Carlos, just going and going in the ring.  He was in with Nick and Matthieu for several rounds.  Matthieu is over six feet, and Anthony is about 5 foot 7.  Matthieu laughed that he should have been able to get more punches in on Anthony because he has a longer reach. 

Alan was going to change his shirt at the end of the night, but he didn't have an extra dry with him.  He had to put his workout shirt back on.  "You don't have to put your shirt back on," I started joking, and he explained why he had to do so.  "But you're denying women the pleasure of seeing your hairy chest," I laughed.  Alan grinned, saying, "At my age it doesn't matter.  You know what Leon used to call me? Teen Wolf."  Ralphie smiled, "It fits." 

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