Monday, July 05, 2010

No Monday Gym

I walked home from Evanston Saturday afternoon.  I passed the field house on the way back, and decided to check the front door.  Like I suspected, there was a sign on the door stating the field house would be closed on Monday in observance of the 4th of July holiday.  I called Alan and left a message so that he knew.

I didn't bring my gym gear to church today, so no workout will be done here.  Unfortunately, there's a report of showers on and off for today.  I hate getting caught in the rain while on my bike, and I don't dare get the ball bearings on my in-line and quad skates wet.  My apartment retains heat, so working out in there is not feasible, either.  Maybe I'll skip today and add a day later in the week. 

Sleep didn't go well last night, and none of the fans in my apartment helped to cool things down.  I was up late enough to see a rerun of "Peter Gunn".  In one scene, Gunn walked into a boxing gym.  One guy was beating on a heavy bag.  "What kind of way is he hitting that bag?" I said to myself.  The guy was jumping all around the bag, throwing awkward punches.  TV and movies don't always get it right when it comes to the sport. 

Somebody asked me how realistic the movie Million Dollar Baby was around the time it was released.  Good movie, but the main character seemed to move up in the ranks rather quickly.  Since women's boxing doesn't get the respect it should have, and it's doubtful that a contender would get that kind of fame so fast.  First of all, she'd have to get the type of fights that would get her noticed.  That's not easy, as promoters don't recognize the value of having female fights at boxing matches, not even on the undercards.  Plus, she'd need a press to get her name out there.  Too many sports reporters treat women's boxing as a joke (and honestly, do they really give any woman in any sport much attention?).  I read The Ring, the most popular boxing magazine in the country, every month.  Even Laila Ali in her heyday didn't get big attention there, unlike her male counterparts. 

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