Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Too Close To The Mirror

I was a bit surprised to see several people waiting outside of the gym on Monday night.  It was the first evening of the summer session and all of them -- Shay, Mike (not to be confused with Country--the other Mike), Evanglina, Joan and Matthew (not to be confused with Matt from last session or Alan's son) -- were curious about what was to come.  Alan came in later with his son and Nick.  Country, Jamil and Diana were also in attendance.

Alan began working with the newcomers right away, while the rest of us did our usual workouts.  Country and Jamil sparred, but I only caught glimpses of what they were doing.  I was shadowboxing in the mirrors while they were in the ring.  In between rounds, I was fanning myself because it was warm.  Matthew, who's from France commented, "It is a workout, isn't it?"  I agreed with him.  He's very tall and has long arms.  Alan was impressed with how he picked up on punching form. 

Diana is improving, too, but she still struggles with the soreness that comes from using muscles that aren't utilized often.  Many who first learn to box have to deal with being sore in spots where they never were before. 

Then there are those who have to deal with the constant knocks that come with having boxed for awhile.  I iced the thumb on my right hand up when I got home, but woke up to it being swollen this morning.  Alan and I sparred, and my thumb caught him in an odd way on his elbow.  He had to remind me to go for his head.  I still struggle with going for anyone's face unless they are roughly my height.  Unfortunately, outside of people like Maggie and Oscar, who attended the gym in the past, there's nobody as short as I.  A few shots managed to catch Alan in the head and face a few times, but that was it. 

A common problem for boxers -- having one's hands down -- was literally my downfall in the second round.  Alan hit me square in the face, and I fell backwards onto the canvas.  He kept apologizing over and over.  "It's okay, I'm fine.  You just caught me, that's all," I assured him, and I was.  There was a little bruise on my lower lip, and I tasted a little blood, but nothing else.  We finished out the round. 

Earlier, Alan sparred with his son Matt.  He kept backing the younger man up into the corners and getting him with shots to the middle.  After awhile, Matt would automatically cover up, anticipating the body blows.  He got his father with a few head shots, but the older man proved to be very cagey.  I sparred with Alan right after he sparred with Matt, thinking, "Coach is going to be tired," but I underestimated him as well.

Matt is planning to come into the gym more now that he's home from school.  He also trains elsewhere in MMA.  "You've lost some weight," he said.  "I need to lose some more, but thanks," I told him.  "No, you look fine," he said.  I was wearing a red workout shirt and red shorts, but I was regretting the fashion choice.  I thought I looked like a sausage that has been stuffed into too small of a casing.  Other people have said that I've lost pounds, but I'm guess I'm too close to the mirror to really see it. 

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