Saturday, June 12, 2010

Stripping In The Gym

Sorry. . .it's usually not like me to forget to post here.  I did attend the gym this past Wednesday.  My mind's been on school.  Had a hard time signing up for paralegal classes, but it appears that things are on the way to straightening themselves out.  In fact, I had a Legal Writing class today that was quite interesting.  I was doing a bit of studying when I realized, hey!  I didn't tell the loyal readers about the latest adventures in the gym.

I was not in the gym this past Monday because I had another class.  It was basically a one-day seminar, so Mondays are free again for me to hit the bags.  Wednesday was somewhat of a light night.  One new person came in, a guy named Nick who's a friend of Alan's son, Matthew.  Ralphie and Jamil came in a little while later.

I don't jump rope often at the gym, even though I need to do so.  Surprised myself by going four rounds with the jump rope, and not being overly winded.  Unfortunately, my speed rope, the one I use when working at in the church gym, broke in such a way that it can't be fixed.  I might buy another one to use there, or just run around the gym for several rounds like I've been doing.  The running (roadwork) seems to be helping a lot with stamina.  But yet I turned down going a third round of sparring with Ralphie on Wednesday.  I could have done another round.  I think I was just being lazy. 

Jamil took a lot of body shots from Ralphie while they were sparring.  Alan was amazed.  "I'm surprised that Jamil is still standing after that," he said.  Josh, a guy who hadn't been in the gym for awhile, stopped to observe them.  I might have laid down on the canvas after that series of punches.  "That guy," he said, referring to Ralphie, "really handles himself well in the ring."  Ralphie has always been in control whenever he's in the ring, if you ask me.  Also, Jamil has become better each time he's in the gym. 

Earlier in the evening, Alan changed out of his dress shirt to put on his workout shirt.  Nothing usual there -- I've seen most of the guys with their shirts off from time to time.  I was at my locker rambling through my stuff when I hear Alan say, "Hillari, turn your head."  I looked at him, not catching on at first.  Then I noticed him unbuckling his pants.  "Oh," I giggled before turning my back to start doing my stretches.  "I know you want to look," he teased, and I just kept laughing.  I told him about the time when Steve was the coach, and he pulled down his pants to change into his shorts.  Steve forgot that I was in the room, and my niece Jalissa , who was a teenager then, was there that day also.  Jalissa didn't see Steve with his pants down, but I did.  She and I were looking over the ring, and both of us had our back to him.  One of the guys hollered out, "Whoa!" to Steve, who then realized what he was doing.  I turned around in time to get a glimpse of his briefs. The man grinned and turned a few shades of red before hastily pulling his britches back up.

Another time, Steve asked JJ to get on the scale.  I believe this was around the time of the Golden Gloves, so Steve wanted to make sure that JJ's weight was where it needed to be.  "I think your pants are adding weight to the scale.  Take them off and see what it reads then," Steve told him.  I was standing behind JJ near the ring.  JJ turned and noticed me and said, "But Hillari's in here."  "Eh, she's seen it before," was Steve's answer.  I chuckled and said, "That's true."  At least JJ wasn't wearing an ugly pair of boxers like the ones my late dad used to wear.

I changed my clothes in the gym once, but no one was in there except me.  I was the first one to get there, and I didn't want to leave the room unattended, so I quickly got into my workout clothes.  Good thing none of the guys walked in on me.  I wouldn't have wanted to be responsible for traumatizing them with the sight of my middle-aged body.

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