Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Girl With The Hard Right

I went two rounds in the ring with Matthieu on Monday (that's the correct French spelling of his name, I believe).  "Please don't kill me," he laughed before the bell rang.  Matthieu is tall and gangly.  I went easy, but it would have been difficult to do any real damage because he has long arms.  He kept me off of him for the most part.  Alan said to me, "Because of his height, you'll have to use the overhand right."  It worked once or twice, but I couldn't use it much after that.

Evangelina and I were in the ring next, and she had no mouthpiece.  I had to be conscious of not hitting her dead on in her face.  I also had to remind myself to keep my left guard up.  Evangelina has a very good right, which she relied on a lot. 

My head was on fire when I took my head protection off.  I sat on one of the chairs/stools near the lockers and fanned myself furiously.  Eric noticed and said, "It's hot, huh?"  "Hot flashes," I replied.  "Not already?" he said.  "Yeah.  I found out a few months ago," I told him.  "That just makes this more complicated, doesn't it?" he smiledd, and I agreed.

Anthony showed up that night, too.  He said that he wasn't in the last session because he had been told by someone on the field house staff that registration for adult boxing was closed.  That's odd he was told that because that program is never packed so much that there is no room.  The gym does get crowded often, but people drop out all the time, only to be replaced by others who sometimes sign up in the middle of a session.

The showing-too-much-skin issue arose again.  It seems to be coming up a lot lately.  Yesterday, I worked out in the church gym.  Just at the end of the hour, an older woman rang the doorbell.  She wanted to speak with Pastor Roger, but he was out to lunch.  "Are you on staff?" she asked.  I was wearing an oversized shirt, the straps of my sports bra was peeking out, and the shirt covered the shorts I was wearing. 

Later when the pastor returned, he said that he was familiar with the woman, who had been by the church several times in the past.  "She would have a problem with the way you're dressed," he told me.  Noticing that she had given me odd looks, I wanted to tell her, "Yes, ma'am, I am wearing a pair of shorts, even though you can't see them," but I held my tongue.  She's not buying my clothes, so she had no say so over my choices, therefore, I was in my right to put her on ignore.  Besides, it was 90 degrees yesterday.  If I wanted to have a heat stroke while working out -- or walking around outside, for that matter -- I'd worn a snow suit.

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