Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Big Man Returns

Alan mentioned that John contacted him.  Turns out that the high school teacher is out working in San Franscisco for a little while.  He told Alan that he'd be back in Chicago in August.  Anthony was sure that John had given up on boxing since he didn't win at the Golden Gloves.  I told Alan and Anthony a story about Sean, a guy who used to come to the gym a few years ago.  He had a fight in the Golden Gloves.  Before he even got in the ring, Sean was bleeding.  I remember Josh and I exchanging looks when we saw his towel laying in the bleachers.  Sean lost that fight, and stopped coming to gym after that.

Joan and I only went one round in the ring.  I went light, but Joan kept coming.  I covered up most of the time to give her the opportunity to get punches in.  After that round, she was tired, but she said it was fun. 

Alan caught me in the left eye again, and then flicked out his left jab and caught me in my nose.  It still stings today.  Alan said he was sorry afterwards, and that sometimes, he's not sure how hard he's throwing a punch.  "I guess you must have been okay because you answered my punch with some hard ones of your own," he smiled. 

While Alan and I were in the ring, he also got me in the stomach with a right.  Then both of us heard someone say, "Bully!"  I didn't have my glasses on, of course, but I made out the figure of a tall, muscular guy.  "Is that Leon?" I asked.  Sure enough, it was.  He has slimmed down, but he's still a buff man.  "I'm ready for some fights, Alan," Leon told the coach.  When he said he could beat anyone in the gym, Ralphie laughed and pointed out, "Except for JJ."  "I can beat JJ and his twin," Leon replied. 

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