Thursday, April 15, 2010

Oh My Aching Extremities

This morning, I stopped at Starbucks to get something to eat before running off to the rest of the day.  Stacy was behind the counter.  She did mention to us down at the gym that she worked at Starbucks.  I was surprised to see her at that particular location.  She said she wasn't at the gym the night before because she took a nap and didn't wake up in time.

Last night, Eric walks in with the black eye he got courtesy of Jamil.  "My wife jinxed me before I came here Monday.  She told me, 'Don't come back with a black eye', and that's what I did."  Eric moves very well on his feet, but Jamil is becoming more confident with throwing his punches.  

I only lasted one round with Carlos Wednesday night.  "You hit hard in the beginning, but then you slow down.  You have to take a step back from time to time and remember to breathe," he told me.  "You usually do two or three rounds," Alan pointed out to me, and Carlos agreed with him.  I was disappointed with myself for the loss of stamina.  Another light bulb went off this afternoon while I was shadow boxing in the church's gym.  I seldom, if ever, move my head while sparring.  I take too many punches which wears me down as well. 

Alan took a shot from Carlos' right hand while they sparred.  It rocked Alan, and he was unsteady on his feet.  "I recovered, but it was after those initial 30 seconds," Alan told me later. Demond also took a hit -- from Carlos, I believe -- that nearly stopped him.  He shook it off eventually and continued. 

My feet, ankles and knees hurt right now, but I needed that workout at church today.  I've been pushing myself to jump rope more.  I did six rounds of using the speed rope today.  I'm thinking I should do 15 minutes of jumping rope, even when I'm down at Loyola Park. 

I ran into Sam today.  He used to train under Barry.  He had been crossing my mind a lot lately.  I had heard awhile ago that Sam had been in some trouble with the police.  He has a job now, and he looked like he was doing okay.  It was very good to see him. 

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