Monday, April 12, 2010

Going Easy and Light

My new MP3 player made me late.  It was on sale at Kmart, and it has the capacity to hold 1000 songs.  I couldn't pass it up.  I was fooling around putting songs on it, and the computer was acting crazy, so I left the house later than usual.  When I got there, Jamil finally had my camera card to return to me.  "I'm sorry for keeping it for so long.  I kept forgetting it," he said.  It was no big deal. I still need to figure out why it'll tape videos, but not upload them to You Tube easily.

Since Stacy had a mouthpiece, Alan asked if she wanted to move around with me in the gym.  Stacy was hyped up for it, but I was a little worried.  I remember giving Maggie a TKO, and I was going light with her.  It was like Bam Bam hugging his dad Barney and accidentally bruising him.  I tagged Stacy in the middle and in the head with jabs, rights and hooks, but I was landing as soft as I could.  We did one round.

Eric and Jamil sparred, and the experience involved Jamil getting a low blow and Eric getting a black eye.  Matt was amazed.  "You should get in the ring," Eric told him, but Matt said he's not ready for that yet.  Stacy, still hyped from sparring, suggested that Cynthia should go in, too.  "Hell, no!  Not ready for that," she said.

I also moved around in the ring for a couple of rounds with Toya, who is taller than I.  Just like with Stacy, I went easy.  I threw in some uppercuts, but I made sure they didn't connect hard.  Alan kept instructing her to hit back, just like he did when Stacy and I were in the ring. 

Matt told me he was impressed with how I jumped rope.  I basically jump the same way I did when I was five years old.  I have learned to jump with my right leg only, but that's about as fancy as I get.  During the first season of the reality show, "The Contender", there was a scene where Sugar Ray Leonard was showing the younger boxers how he jumps rope.  Leonard is in his 50s, but he could still out jump everyone.  I would love to learn how to jump like him.

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Ikigai said...

Hi. First time visitor to your blog but I really enjoy your writing style. It's neat to experience a little taste of your boxing experience.

As for the camera, I hope you get it worked out. I got lucky with mine because it has a button specifically for uploading to youtube, haha.