Friday, March 12, 2010

Thursday's Tune Up For The Golden Gloves

Alan opened the gym last night in order for John and Carlos to get in some extra last minute training.  I was there, too.  I beat all three of them to the gym; the guys were late.

Carlos said his hand was bothering him, but that he hoped it would be okay.  He has a fight tonight at the Golden Gloves.  Carlos looked tired.  After going three rounds with John, he begged off going another around with me.  He didn't do bad, catching John in the side with a hard punch.

I got into the ring with John, and he was just doing enough to stay on his feet.  I ended up hitting him in the same spots where Carlos had.  John was beyond tired.  Alan reminded him during the time he was in with Carlos and then again with me that he has to pour on the effort.  Whoever John's opponent will be on Saturday will not take easy on him.  Taking it easy on others is not on the minds of any of the opponents once they get to the Gloves.

We were only in the gym for about 45 minutes, but that was a workout.  I had been hitting the heavy bags and the double-end bag roughly before I sparred with John.  I was very sweaty afterwards, and everything I had on had to go into the dirty clothes bag. 

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