Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ribs and Sides

Carlos sparred with Alan for a couple of rounds then he sparred three rounds with John.  By the time I got into the ring with him, I thought Carlos was going to be easy pickings.  Nope.  While I did get in some good hooks and body shots, Carlos jammed me up against the ropes and in the corners.  Combinations were finding my head and sides. One punch cracked me right in the nose.

"Are you okay?" Carlos said, looking alarmed.  "I'm okay," I quickly answered, shaking off the sting and moving on.  I threw more punches than I had in a long time, but one round was enough.  "You're not as tired as you said you were," I told Carlos after the bell rang. After I got home, I felt a slight pain in my ribs on my left side. 

Alan had also sparred with Eddie, who gasped as he hung over the ropes between rounds.  "The cardio, man," he breathed. I felt his pain.

John's walking around weight is about 160, but he needs to get down to 155.  It sounded as if he'd been starving himself, but Alan advised him not to do that.  "Eat a little meat, eat salad and watch the dressing you put on it.  Leave the milk and pop alone.  Milk creates phlegm.  Cut out the bread, and watch the bananas -- they put on weight,' he said.

Alan told us a great story about when he met Muhammad Ali.  It was back in 1980.  Ali was coming out of the Drake Hotel with a entourage.  Alan was crossing the street towards them along with a buddy of his.  Ali caught his eye, put up his hands, and made like he wanted to box.  Alan put up his hands, too, and for about ten minutes, the two men playfully threw air punches at each other.  "Ali's handlers kept trying to get him to keep walking, but the two of us kept goofing around.  My friend just stood there, he was so starstruck.  It was a great moment," Alan said. 

As we were leaving for the evening, Alan stopped at the front desk to take care of some business.  "Jilberto thought something was going on because I drive you home all the time," Alan grinned.  I fell out laughing.  "No he didn't," I said.  Jilberto was coming down the hall after securing the back of the field house.  "What did I do?" he said.  Alan explained it to him, and Jilberto smiled. 

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