Tuesday, February 09, 2010

News Cycle

The past few days have presented me with good news-bad news-good news scenarios.  I learned that I am going through menopause, which is news I've been waiting on for a few decades now.  Luckily, the nurse/midwife that I talked to at the health clinic had good suggestions on how to deal with the symptons that don't involve medications. 

The bad news was that another one of my cousins passed away.  My cousin Darlene passed a few weeks before Thanksgiving last year.  Now my oldest first cousin, Denise, has passed away.  I took off work yesterday to attend her funeral. 

The second piece of good news was when I learned that a trifling ex-boyfriend had died.  "The boyfriend?" Pastor Roger said, when I told him the news.  I've told the pastor about the eight years of my life I wasted on the guy.  The ex bit the dust several years before due to heart problems.  That news made my whole week. I was smirking and smiling about it for hours. It warms my heart to know that he's six feet under ground -- with the scar I put on his face with a right cross twenty years ago.  It's a long story, but I will say that my right hand cut him open but good, and this was long before I properly learned how to box. 

St. Louis, Carlos, Ralphie, Jeremy and Kevin were missing last night.  Michael returned, looking well rested after a vacation he took.  I sparred with Jamil for two rounds and took extra rounds on the heavy bags.

The speed bag was gone again.  Last week, there was a newer one up, but it was a very odd shape.  I was on it for a couple of rounds until I got tired of trying to figure out a good rhythm.  Hopefully, a better speed bag will appear soon. 

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