Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Shots and More Shots

I didn't go to the gym this past Monday because of a short bout with the flu.  I wasn't overly congested; I seldom am when I get the flu.  I get headaches and feel aches all over.  Monday and Tuesday I spent sleeping, since I took off from work. 

Carlos and I sparred, and I've never taken that many shots to my stomach in my life.  I thought I was going to be sick to my stomach.  Luckily, I didn't eat anything before I went to the gym tonight.  My head didn't do much better, as Carlos cracked many right hooks to my skull.  I've got a real problem with not covering up to avoid hooks that needs to be solved.

Alan was yelling instructions from the side, reminding me that Meg was going to rush me again when we meet next Wednesday for the rematch.  Carlos wore me out, and the punches I returned barely grazed him. My back began to bother me, and I was grateful when the bell rang, ending our second round. Afterwards Alan told me, "Forget about pawing for her punches to slap them down.  Cover up, then return as many punches as you can."  Even Pastor told me that I need to wait on Meg to come to me before throwing punches.  "You'd throw one punch, and she'd score points by throwing three back.  Wait until she gets up close then let those punches go," he told me during lunch.  Good advice.  Alan and I worked the pads, and he admonished me to hit harder, which I can do, and I did.  Why I often don't hit hard during sparring or during the last match I had, is a big mystery, even to me.  I've got basically five days to correct myself.

Alan suggested that I run, but my arthritis has really been a bear lately.  I was limping on and off while at work earlier, then again at the gym.  My right knee stayed sore most of the day.  Yet, I have to get my stamina up, another problem I'm always struggling to work out. 

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