Thursday, November 26, 2009

Gym Before Thanksgiving

Ralphie said, "I bet the referees start stopping fights quicker now."  We were talking about all the news of boxing injuries and death that have been happening recently.  Amateur boxing traditionally has been more safety-conscious than professional boxing.  Announcers at various amateur bouts always announce after a stopped fight, "Our number one concern is safety."  But I would not be surprised if stoppages happen faster all across the board.

Besides Ralphie, Johnny, Carlos and Justin came in.  Carlos remained in the ring, as the rest of us rotated in and out to spar with him.  After he and Ralphie did a few rounds, Ralphie told Carlos, "You've got a lot of stamina, man!"  "I'm telling you," I commented. Ralphie said that a hit he took to the stomach nearly caused him to lose his dinner.  The hit I took to the stomach that nearly stopped me.  I narrowly avoided eating a right uppercut, as well.

Justin announced, "I brought a book in today."  The title was I Think I Can Fly; the main character, a pig, was featured on the front cover.  "I thought you told me you didn't know how to read yet.  Oh. . .you're learning," I said.  Justin nodded in the affirmative.  "Do you know the ABC song?" I asked.  "I know how to sing it backwards," the boy said proudly.  "You're better than me.  I always got tripped up on that," I said.

Near the end of the evening, we did some interval training.  One person held the heavy bag, while the other person punched it, then we'd switch places every 20 seconds or so.  Ralphie and Carlos were on the 175 pound bag, while Johnny and I were on the 150 pound bag.  After two rounds, Johnny and I were through.  Ralphie and Carlos kept going for an extra round.  I like interval training exercises like that, but I know my arms will feel it in several hours. 

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