Friday, January 16, 2009

Tired Wednesday

"Do you feel as tired as I am?" Allen smiled at me in the gym on Wednesday. I was pretty worn out. I had spent extra hours at church helping to get an annual business report done. After that, I went to visit an elderly friend, who's not doing so well, in the nursing home. I almost opted out of going to the gym, but I never want to start that habit.

One of the new persons, a woman whose name I unfortunately can't remember, said "You're the one who writes the boxing blog! I googled it online and found it!" That was the first time Allen heard about my blog. I don't know why I didn't mention it to him earlier. But then, I think Steve found out sometime later that I wrote a blog as well.

Paris Two came in that night (not to be confused with Jordan's buddy of the same name). He goes to school on Mondays, so Wednesdays are the only nights he can attend the gym. It was good to see him again. "There's a lot of new faces," he commented. He asked me did any of the regulars come in anymore. A few of the people who were around during Steve's reign -- Muhammad, Wally, John, Jim, Jermaine, Deb -- still come in. I like Allen, and I like meeting the new people who have signed up. But it's a different feel in the gym since Steve and the other guys left. I'm still adjusting to it.

I heard Allen asking Paris Two if he wanted a match. The Golden Gloves is coming up soon. I have no idea if anyone from the gym is going to be ready to compete in that. I wouldn't be surprised if someone like Igor, Jordan or Keith came in soon asking about getting in on the action. Those three are good for coming in near showtime wanting to get matches.

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