Thursday, January 10, 2008

Winter Newcomers

Peggy, Deb, Carla, Dan, and Jordan's friend Paris made up the newcomers last night, which was the beginning of the winter session. Steve had them doing some cardio exercises, and Paris groaned about his ankle and Achilles' tendon not being able to take it. This is the guy who was talking about becoming a professional boxer, even though he's 45 years old and has never had an amateur bout.

I'm not too sure about how long the other new people will hang in there. I told Dan about the time Erin (who returned to the gym last night) nearly knocked me cold during a sparring match. I also told him about the time JJ laid Sadiq out in the ring. Dan seemed like a quiet, retiring guy. I hope I didn't scare him off. I offered to give Peggy and Carla some old handwraps I have, since new one were delivered to me at work today. The two of them thanked me for the offer, then gave the impression they wanted to see if they really liked the gym enough to continue with it. Arin, who also came in last night, assured them that people in the gym were not "jerks" and cool people.

Keith told me all he wanted to do was fight. How many times have I heard him say that? Later, Steve revealed that Keith was talking about getting fights again to him. I had told Steve a few weeks ago when Keith started coming around again that was probably on Keith's mind. The Golden Gloves is not that far off, after all. Steve's not interested in going around and around again with Keith over the latter becoming consistent and focused in training.


the.dub said...

Hey hey!

I am ready for the next Loyola Park boxing session.

When does it begin?


Hillari said...

Hi Chris,

The Winter session began on January 9th. There is still room, so come on in!