Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fight Night 2007

I went to the gym right after work, and Barry put me to work giving out the T-shirts made up for Loyola Park's Boxing Explosion show. There were red and blue shirts of different sizes. The owner of the Heartland Cafe had donated food for the officials and coaches, and I also helped carry that in. Very tasty spread. Barry also ordered pizzas from Alberto's.

Mort had been tracked down, and he was there for his match. J.J. did not have a match, although Alan, one of the officials, thought he should have. Larry, Lorell, Alex, and Luke, had fights, and so did Mike.

I sang the National Anthem. You know that middle part in the song that goes very high? I hit the wrong note coming in, but managed to recover. It's a good thing I started that song on a very low note, or else that would have really sounded horrible.

Once the matches began, I positioned myself at ringside with the camcorder that Les allowed me to borrow from the office. Mike gave me his digital camera to catch his match. Unfortunately, the batteries ran out on his camera, and I couldn't get a fresh set in quick enough to catch the rest of the bout, which he won. I was lucky that I had enough time to record the other matches, considering I forgot to set the tape from SP to LP. Just in case, I didn't tape most of the second round of Larry's fight, so I could get all of the third round in. Larry also won his match. All of the guys were victorious that evening, except for little Luke. The awards for best boxers were given out near the end, and Diego won one of them.

After the fights were over, a dark-haired woman came up to me and introduced herself. She was J, who has her own blog, and often puts entries on The Broken Heart of Rogers Park blog. It was nice to meet her and her fiance. Neither one of them had ever seen a live boxing match before, and they enjoyed it.

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