Sunday, January 14, 2007

Clearing Out Of The Gym

I don't get it. Every session, Steve has a group lesson with the newbies in the beginning of the evening. Afterwards, he tells them they can practice their new skills on the bags. Instead, the majority of them clear out of the gym faster than Speed Racer crossing the finish line in his Mach Five race car. They see the rest of us working out, so I don't know why they think they can't hang around until the end of the night, too.

I believe all of the new people came in this past Friday with the exception of one person. Sadiq came in and did some sparring with Javonte and Rias. No sign of Keith, and Junior won't be back until February. Javonte is looking better and better. He was working with Steve and slipping punches very well.

My right knee was well enough to do step exercises. I wasn't hurting when I woke up the following morning. Still not too keen on jumping rope, running, or doing push ups (I do the so-called "girl" ones on my knees). I'm happy that I'll be able to stand on the stage tomorrow during the charity cabaret show I'm in and not grimace in pain while singing. Later this week, I'll see the physical therapist.

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