Saturday, October 22, 2005

Missing The Fight

Didn't go to the gym this past Friday because I had promised an acquaintance that I would see him in the musical he appears in. The guy looked cute in his makeup, bra, and high heels. It was a different kind of musical, believe me.

When I was there on Wednesday, Steve gave me a lesson on how to hold the pads. I seldom hold pads for anyone. I'm glad he gave me some pointers, because now I realize there is more to it than holding them up and calling out punches. My arms were a little sore afterwards; Steve pounded the pads very hard. I accidently got hit in the mouth at one point, too. Good thing that punch wasn't at full power or I would have been missing some teeth!

I don't like missing my time at the gym, whether I miss the entire session or have to leave early for any reason. I really need the workout because I can't afford to be totally inactive anymore. Once I start slacking off on any exercise routine, it is a hard climb to get back to whatever improvement level I was at before. I am very good about regular gym attendance, even if I don't keep up on the exercises I do at home, however. I was supposed to lift weights today, and got sidetracked by other activities. No excuses tomorrow.

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jeff dean said...

i cant believe i made the blog! now, what's all this boxing stuff? where can one go to watch a bout?