Monday, September 17, 2018

Low Fall Expectations

When the gym re-opened last week, I had to do a lot of heavy lifting and moving to get the equipment room back straight.  Typical of some construction workers, there was no care nor thought taken when my stuff was shifted around to accommodate their work.  I have no doubt the equipment is going to get shoved around again in the near future because their work is still not done.

An adult who frequents the field house regularly shook their head when I told them of the condition of the gym.  "If this place was sitting in a different neighborhood, none of this would be going on.  The work would have been done," they told me.  I don't like playing race cards, but it makes me wonder.  I have been inside a lot of field houses in the park district, and yes, some are better kept up, have better resources, and don't have to deal with outside street drama spilling over into their locations.

Frankly, the gym is a mess.  One of the walls were opened up to expose a pipe; the construction workers put cones around that area.  A plastic cage covers another opening in a wall on the other side of the room.  Last week I caught Lael, who is always easily distracted, pulling back the flaps to see what was inside.  The floor hasn't had a broom or mop run over it in a long time.

It crossed my mind to put in another bid to have extra equipment placed in the gym.  That can't happen, even if there is some money in the budget, because of the current condition of the gym.  Judging how the construction company has been handling their business, I can't afford the new equipment to be damaged. So I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop, meaning when the gym will get shut down again, maybe for the rest of the session.

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