Friday, August 24, 2018

I Need A Break From People

I had to remind myself that even if the installation of windows at the field house wasn't going on, the boxing gym would have been closed anyway for the next few weeks.  I don't keep it open during the breaks in between sessions.

When I first began working at La Follette Park, I tried to follow Steve, and later, Alan's lead of keeping the gym open during the session breaks.  I suspect most of the other Chicago Park District boxing coaches keep their gyms open as well.  But quickly I learned that those who don't show up with consistency during the regular session were not suddenly going to become considerate enough to show up during the breaks.  It doesn't matter even if boxing shows are going on during the breaks; people vacate the gym and don't keep up with what is going on top of that.  I need to take care of the paperwork as well as clean the equipment, so I close the doors.

Another important reason I need to close the gym is I need a break from people.  I've never hidden the fact that unlike most, I don't automatically go ga-ga over every youth I encounter.  I wasn't born with a high maternal instinct.  If I've gone through a session that was overly problematic because of having to deal with attitude and behavioral problems and other issues out of one or more kids, I need to be able to distance myself from that during the breaks.

Also to preserve my sanity, I need to be away from some parents, guardians, and those who sign up for the adult class who do things that make my job harder than it needs to be on any given day.  Some are constantly trying to bend the boxing program to suit them regardless of the established rules and regulations and the fact there are other people in the gym.

As a part-time employee, I don't get vacation days.  I have to fit in a respite where I can, and shutting the gym down during the breaks is how I have to do that.

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