Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Sparring Tales

During today's sparring session, Jamire sparred twice -- once with Rosemary, and once with Abraham.  Jamire was plodding around and dropping his hands, but then Rosemary kept turning her back and pawing at him (and she did the same when she sparred later with her brother Giovanny).  Abraham had sparred with Giovanny the first time around, so he went in again with Jamire.

Abraham kept dashing in on Jamire who kept backing up into the corners and ropes despite my repeating constantly not to do that.  Halfway into the second round, Jamire was on the ropes again whining about "I can't breathe!"  He spit his mouthpiece out and started crying.  I stopped the round and took his headgear off.  Jamire is always looking to be babied and coddled, and I am never in the mood to do that.  "Jamire, you are too young to be tired like this so fast.  You need to build your stamina up," I told him.  Iz also pointed out that Jamire's stamina needs shoring up.  I doubt that my words were listened to because for the rest of the session, Jamire walked around just as he did when he first arrived -- like some tired old man.

I had to put Giovanny in check for hitting his sister too hard.  I should have known there was something suspicious about his eagerness to get into the ring with her.  But I had to drop some knowledge on Rosemary as well.  "Keep in mind that whatever girl you may have a real fight with is not going to take it easy on you so don't expect these boys to take it easy," I informed her.

Too many of the kids wanted to spar with Anthony.  Anthony wasn't feeling up to it, so he didn't spar.  I suspect the kids wanted to spar with him because Anthony is currently the smallest kid in the gym.  Just because someone is small doesn't mean it is going to be easy to take them on.

David and Iz sparred, and I've noticed that David has some bad habits.  David rushes in to throw punches, and he keeps his head down too much.  Iz just waits on David to make those mistakes so he can take advantage of them.

No sign of Maurice.  His mother wasn't at work, and when she's not there, her son doesn't show up to the gym.

Ariel came in to work out, and she promised to come in tomorrow when Noel and his sister are scheduled to come in.  I hope she does because Ariel seriously needs the sparring time.  In fact, everyone needs to step their game up, because Seward Park's boxing show is next week.

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