Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Imagined Offence Syndrome

All I said was, "I need to use the computer."  That request prompted Tina, the gymnastics and modern dance instructor (in addition to being the summer camp coordinator) to snap on me today.

Today was the first day of the summer session at LaFollette.  I needed to check the computer to see if any other kids had signed up for boxing.  Without any emotion in my voice, I made my request to Tina and her little daughter, who were eating at the desk where the staff computer sits.  I was patient and quiet as they moved.  The next second, Tina snaps, "Hillari, I know you hate kids, but you did not have to be rude.  I don't do you like that!"

Let me back up a couple of years.  Gossip was spread by another staff person based on their observance of my no-nonsense, old school ways of dealing with unruly kids at the field house that I "hate" kids.  If I was that intolerant of kids, I sure as hell would NOT be working for the Chicago Park District.  However, the gossip has continued to spread. I know she made that statement based on what she heard two years ago, as opposed to asking me directly for correct news reports.  "I didn't think I was being rude, but I apologize if you thought that," I replied.  Tina wouldn't let well enough alone as she kept grumbling about my alleged rudeness as she and her kid left the room.

I followed her out to the front desk.  "Excuse me, but the fact that someone does not have kids is not an indicator of how they feel about them," I stated.  She dismissed me and kept walking.  "Whatever," I said dryly, and I went back to doing what I get paid to do.   Sometimes, one has to allow people to stew in their own excrement.

Abraham and Iz came in, but no sign of David.  For the running portion of the class, I had them run on the track that is up above the swimming pool.  We did the punch mitts when we returned to the boxing gym.  I'm very glad I thought to ask both boys what they felt they needed help doing.  Abraham told me he wanted to work on his left uppercut so we did.  He's getting better at lifting his foot up slightly to give a little more power to that punch.  Iz wanted to work on his hooks.  Iz's left hooks snapped nicely into the punch mitts.

The other four kids in the class -- all new kids -- didn't show so I called their homes.  A couple of the parents/guardians straight up forgot that the class began today.  "Don't worry," I assured them, "they didn't miss anything."  I just continued the normal routine with the ones who were there.  The new kids may have a chance to compete in this month's boxing show, but a lot depends on if they attend class regularly between now and then.

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