Thursday, March 30, 2017

Not Feeling A Lack Of Work Ethics

I haven't been to the Golden Gloves this year, and I'm not sure if I will go.  I didn't have any competitors entered in it, and time has been tight with all the other things -- taking in transcription work, attending Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University, crafting stories for confession magazines, etc. -- that have been going on.  I haven't missed a year of going since 2003, but this time. . .I don't know.

Phil, whom I met at Hamlin during a boxing show some months ago, came to the gym to show me some techniques.  Phil is in his 70s, and he would like to pass along knowledge that he has picked up over the years.  I was very appreciative that he did that, and he's planning on coming in again today.  Derek happened to stop in while Phil was there, and he got some knowledge too.

Derek told me he signed up a few more teens for the spring boxing class.  I gave him a roster for the kids' class.  Amazingly, that class is full.  Usually, because of parents taking their sweet time to sign kids up, the class doesn't become full until a few weeks after the session has started.  Derek needs a roster for the teen class as well, so I told him I would print one for him to give to him the next time he comes in.  But yesterday, when I printed the roster, the extra names were not there.

Now I'm irritated.  Not at Derek -- I know he did what he said.  But it's been increasingly apparent that sometimes, patrons aren't being signed up because some staff members just don't feel like registering people at the time people come in.  I don't want to start any friction because I've been in wars with too many co-workers at other jobs in the past.  I'm tired of the conflicts.  However, making up excuses about the system being down, it's too early or too late in the day to register, etc., is NOT acceptable.  Patrons who get turned away may not return later to register for various reasons, including finding some other activity and some other place where the staff's customer service skills were better.  There are days when I don't feel like doing things.  But the company is not paying me to avoid what they hired me to do.

I'm thinking that maybe Derek was told to write down the teens' contact information so it could be entered later.  But that's not how registration is supposed to be done.  Paper registrations were done away with nearly three years ago.  That happened to someone else several months ago.  When they showed to class, their name was not on the attendance list.  Their parent confirmed that they did come in days earlier to register.  I ended up doing the registration to set things right.  If I find out that what happened in this instance, I'll just tell Derek to come to me directly the next time so everything is done correctly.  But I'm still going to be ticked off.  If people handle the programs and activities they are responsible for like that, that's their business. But I would appreciate patrons in my program NOT to be shuffled off like that because of poor work ethics on another staff person's part.

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