Thursday, March 02, 2017

Counting Down The Days

Not long ago, I heard an old interview with Billy Joel (pictured above).  Joel used to box a lot when he was younger.  "I really liked boxing.  I don't know why I gave it up," he said.

As I expected, Jada did not show up on Wednesday as promised by her mother this past Saturday.  The girl acted as if she was extremely enthusiastic about learning to box the last time she was in the gym.  Her mother keeps saying her daughter really wants to participate.  But actions are telling me otherwise.  Jada hasn't been in the gym for three weeks.  It didn't help that she signed up two weeks after the session started, didn't show up until about a week after that, and has been MIA since then.

None of the kids showed up to the gym on Wednesday.  Only Donovan, who's study and homework schedule is heavy, has a valid excuse for not being there. However, James may have been missing again due to his poor grades.  From what I understand, James is still on "punishment" even though he had been allowed to return to the gym.

I saw that Ismael, a new kid, signed up for the spring session.  However, they signed up online.  A quick check of the class description online showed that the line "instructor approval needed" wasn't there as I had requested.  It's also not on the general pI left a voice mail message with the kid's parents that they must talk to me before class starts.

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