Sunday, November 27, 2016

Fighting At Home

The gym was open the day after Thanksgiving, but it might as well had not been.  Ariel did not show up to the gym the day before the holiday, but her grandmother checked to make sure the gym would be open on Friday.  However, Ariel didn't show up, and neither did the other kids.  Friday was basically a wasted day.  The only thing good about it was the field house closed early.

I did get new fliers for the winter boxing class, and I was impressed.  Instead of printing them on half-sheets, a full 8 1/2 by 11 page was done.  My continued gripe, however, is that the printing department never puts exactly what I want on the fliers.  Some time ago, Mary, the supervisor at Loyola Park, said that it was a good idea to let parents know that the boxing class is not intended to be a self-defense class.  I've grown tired of parents who push their kids into the class with the expectation the lessons will ward off bullies.  I always ask to put a line in that states the class is not a self-defense class, but it never makes it onto the fliers.  There wasn't a lot of room to put that on the half-sheet flier (although it could have been done in a smaller type font), but there is certainly enough room to put that on the full-sheet flier.

Speaking of bullying, whatever happened to parents teaching their kids how to fight at home?  I know of people whose parents told them that if they didn't stand up to the kid or kids who were picking on them, their parents would spank them for displaying cowardice.  Times have changed - and not always for the better.

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