Saturday, September 24, 2016

Calmer Day

Ben and Alan talk in the corner in-between sparring rounds in this photo taken at Loyola Park.

Jaymerson came in a half-hour late this morning.  His sister Morgan has music lessons, and he had to wait until she was finished before going to the gym.  Donovan worked mostly with Jaymerson, holding the punch donut and the punch mitts for him.  Jaymerson was way calmer than he was yesterday.

I thanked Donovan for his help.  He was very patient with Jaymerson.  I watched closely, and with interest, as he got the boy to do a little better in terms of training.  Of course, I don't expect the improvement to last until the next time the gym is open.  I'll have to keep going over the basics with Jaymerson again.

Donovan and Jaymerson were the only two who attended the kids' class.  All of the teens were missing in action.  No one over 18 years of age has signed up for the adult class as of yet.  I think I'm going to keep pushing when and where I can for the boxing class to take place Monday thru Friday instead of Tuesday thru Saturday.  Saturday's attendance has always been down, and I do not ever expect it to pick up.

I learned that the coaches' clinic tomorrow is mainly for those coaches who haven't been certified at all.  That was a relief, as I really want to just chill out tomorrow after church service is completed.  I do have to attend a coach's clinic sometime next year to be refreshed about the rules, which always seem to be changing.  Some of the changes appear to be good, while other rules just seem to be exercises in nitpicking.

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