Thursday, August 04, 2016

Having The Talk

I guess James' ear was still bothering him yesterday (James has an infection), so he didn't come to the gym.  Donovan and Tayjon got some sparring in.  Tayjon had Donovan backed against the ropes, punching him until I thought Donovan would flip over the ropes.  I wish I could put those two in the boxing shows.  However, Donovan's parents are apprehensive about allowing him to fight, and I'm not sure if Tayjon's mom wants her son to try again since he didn't get a fight at the last boxing show.

Jakie walked into the gym after being AWOL for a month.  When he heard the gym was going to be closed today due to a boxing show at Seward Park, he wanted to participate.  I had to give him the "you're not ready" talk.  I don't understand the logic the youths are working with.  What makes them think they can just take a fight having had little to zero training?

I held the punch mitts for Jakie, and it wasn't long before the kid was huffing and puffing.  He ran off to the washroom after a wave of nausea got to him.  I just don't get it; boxing is not something that people can say, "I'll just wing it", and jump into a ring.

The day before that, one of the attendants brought a dread locked guy down to the gym.  I was told the guy was looking for information about boxing.  The guy was more interested in rambling on about God and throwing out random Scripture verses.  There is a reason why I keep the gym door locked when no class is going on.  Unfortunately, the gym has to be opened up for the summer camp darlings to get their lunches and snacks.  But as soon as that is over, I keep the doors locked to keep out people such as that guy.  I had to tell the guy twice to get off of the speed bag.  Finally, I herded the guy out of my gym but not before he told me something about, "Lock the door because only God is supposed to open it."  I doubt that guy will come back around to sign up for the adult class, but I'm going to do all I can to keep the guy out of the program.  I don't need the frustration or drama.

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