Friday, August 26, 2016

Boxing Lifer

James was hyped and ready for a fight at Harrison Park, but there was no match for him.  I was relieved when I was able to match Donovan with a 12-year-old who fights out of that park.

Before the show began, an honorary ten count was given in the memory of Sean Curtin, who passed on last week.

There were twelve fights scheduled at the show instead of the usual ten fights.  Donovan's fight was number six.  My fighter was knocked down in the first round.  When Donovan got knocked down again, I was worried that Tommy (who was the referee) would stop the match.  Donovan made it through to the end of the fight, but the outcome was not in his favor.

Several people congratulated Donovan for battling on.  A few of the coaches pointed out to me that Donovan did a good job but needed to work on his balance.  I also noticed that Donovan was backing up too often when he should have been pushing forward.  All of these things we will be working on when we get back to the gym.

I saw Joe, another coach whom I hadn't seen in a long, long time.  "I heard you were coaching," he smiled as he gave me a kiss on the forehead.  "Hillari, you are a lifer now!  This sport is in you!".  He's right.

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