Monday, August 08, 2016

Blood In The Mouthpiece

Jesus and Carlos sparred down at Loyola Park.  Carlos had his hands down too much, and kept hesitating to throw punches.  Jesus took advantage of this.  At the end of their session, I saw a lot of blood on Carlos' mouthpiece.   Alan wiped him off, but some blood ended up on the floor.  I got paper towels to clean that up.

Kathy sparred with Marta.  I was on the side, giving instructions to Marta to hit harder and do more body shots.  "Kathy can take it!" I said, to which Kathy laughed.  Kathy was not hitting Marta as hard as she is capable of doing.  I think that was because it was Marta's second time sparring.

When Alan sparred with Kathy, he caught her with a punch to the face that stopped her for a moment.  "I'm telling Reva," referring to Alan's wife.  "What?  Kathy walked into that!' Alan protested as I laughed.

I didn't do much of a workout.  First of all, I was hot.  Sometimes I think I don't take the heat as well as I used to do.  My left shoulder still hurts, but not as much.  But now I also feel discomfort across the back of my neck.  Kathy asked if I had gone to the doctor yet.  I still haven't made that call, but I need to because it's gone on for too long.  Two months?  Three months?  I've lost count.

This is the last week of regular summer camp -- thank goodness -- so things will get back to normal at LaFollette soon.  I have plans to go to Sheridan Park later this week for their boxing show.  Summer is slipping away, and outside of Jakie, I haven't had any fighters participating in the shows.  I hope that changes before September.

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