Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Steam Bath Gym

LaFollette boxing gym might as well have been a steam bath.  The heat just hang over the room.  I was sweating profusely, and it wasn't comfortable for anyone else, especially Ariel.  She worked out for a half-hour before she just had to give it up for the day.

I noticed how Ben's father was very concerned yesterday about his son and his nephews Devin and Lacey all being able to work out together.  However, none of them showed up for the teen class today.  Not a good look, especially for Ben, who has already missed three full weeks of class.

Tayjon saw me earlier when he came down to get his afternoon snack.  Tayjon, like James, attends the summer camp.  He promised me he would show up to class, but he didn't.  Only James and Donovan were there, and they sparred.  Today I realized that James is also on the football team.  "Coach Hillari, can I go to the washroom and put on my uniform?" he asked me near the end of the kids' class.  I would love to see how James does out on the football field.  He may be doing a little better there than he is in the boxing gym.

The summer camp kids keep messing around with the standalone pull up bar in the gym.  The other day, one of the kids was standing on the weight that I use to keep it stable.  I finally took the pull up bar out of the gym.  Most of the kids and adults can't reach it because it is too high.  My main concern has always been that the bar is not that stable.  I've always been worried that it might tip over on someone.  Maybe one of these days, the park district will allow me to order a better one.

The most beautiful rainbow was outside of the field house when I left for the day.  Too bad I didn't have my camera with me.  God does good work, you know.  I took the rainbow as a sign that things are beginning to look up.  I certainly hope so.

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