Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Summer Cast At Loyola Park

It was a hot day for the first day of summer, and having the fan on in the gym at Loyola didn't help much.  There were a lot of people in the gym on the first day of the summer session there.  In the photo above, Alan and Ro do some tight in-fighting while keeping one foot inside a hula hoop.

I wasn't going to spar, but I hadn't in such a long time.  I got in the ring with Kathy, who is steady on her path of improvement.  I tried to follow her around the ring on my toes.  Alan said, "Hillari, I know you're not trying to hop around the canvas."  "I'm trying, but I really can't do it," I replied.  Kathy fared very well during our sparring session.  The best I could do was to try to stay out of the way of her punches.

Over the past few days, I've been sighing to myself every time I see someone on in-line skates.  My knees won't allow me to stand on in-line, quad, or ice skates much anymore.  Now it appears my knees aren't standing up to sparring anymore, either.  I told Kathy that not only arthritis in both of them slows me down, but the fact that they've been injured in two separate car accidents, as well as a bad fall on an icy street years ago affects them as well.  I don't mind getting older.  I do mind not being able to do things I used to easily be able to do just ten years ago.

Paul has really been helping out around the gym.  In the photo above, he holds the pads for Matt (who had returned to the gym), as Edwar (on the far left), and another new person in class look on.  I overheard him asking Alan about what else could he do to help out.  Alan pulled out a list of show fights that are coming up.  Paul said he would try to make some of them.

Alan talked up my boxing show, which is next week.  He would like to get fights for Paul, John, Ro, and Kathy.  I've only met a couple of the adults who signed up for the summer boxing class at LaFollette.  I have no idea at the moment whether they want to compete, but I hope so.

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