Thursday, June 23, 2016

Resolving To Cut The Attitude

The photo above is one of the many signs I have posted inside the gym at LaFollette.  I suspect that the signs aren't being read most of the time.  But they serve as backup when I enforce the rules that are written on them.

Tayjan, James, and Donovan were the only ones I had in the kids' class today.  I'm really becoming impressed with Donovan because he acts older than his age (eleven), asks a lot of good questions, and makes a lot of good observations.  Tayjan is built solid, like a truck, and I'm thinking he can do well in fights.  Then we have James. . . .sigh.  I have resolved to stop giving James so much attitude.  I have considered that James is only nine years old, and I have remembered that I wasn't exactly graceful when I was that age, either.  I seem to have an ally in his dad, who is always admonishing his son to be focused and pay attention.

Ariel and a new kid, Jakie, were in the teen class. I was a little pissed that Xavier and his cousin Terence were no-shows.  The summer session has barely started, and those two are already missing training time.

Chevon, Xavier's buddy, also skipped out on the adult class.  Thankfully, Danny returned for another day, and Maria, another new person, came in.  However, none of the other adults showed up.

I'm beginning to think that the ones who are showing up regularly (for the moment) may be all that I have to work with this summer.  There are still people inquiring about signing up, mostly for the kids' class.  A woman tried to convince me to let her twelve year old son in.  You know what -- I can't be responsible for people not keeping up with when programs take place, and when registration begins.  The information is out there and available to those who actually seek it out.  The mom was disappointed that I wouldn't bend to let her kid in.  But I think that most don't understand that boxing is NOT a team sport.  The football, baseball, soccer, and basketball teams at the field house can have crowds of people involved during their seasons.

I can't have hordes of youths in the boxing gym.  Some may be thinking -- expecting, even -- that I can just keep squeezing kids into the class because it is free.  Excuse me,  but it doesn't work like that.  I have to give as much equal time as possible to everyone who is in the class.  That is the nature of the sport.  It is difficult to work with youths individually when there are more in there than there should be.  Too many youths in the gym means that one or more may not get the one-on-one attention that they need time to time from me to help them get better in the sport.

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