Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Spring Break and Annoying Cell Phones

It's Spring Break for the public school kids.  Maybe that's why so few of them showed up at the gym.  Suave was disappointed because he had a new mouthpiece, and he was looking forward to sparring.  Earl and TJ had their mouthpieces, but both had eaten way too much just before class began.  Luckily, Suave's mom gave him a pep talk, telling him not to be discouraged.

It always bothers me when due to lack of adequate opponents on sparring days, the kids who are willing and ready to spar can't.  Xavier could have sparred as well, but Ben, Terence, Ezequiel, and Cordell were no shows.  Jaland joined the teen class, but it's too early for him to spar.

Jahnaja came in, bringing along a gal pal of hers.  It was taking too long for her to put on hand wraps, mainly because she was having a conversation with her friend.  She was also checking her cell phone.  Earlier, I had to say something to TJ about playing on his in the middle of a round.  I'm wondering if I should ban cell phone use in the gym.  I'm tired of youths stopping in the middle of rounds to fiddle around on their phones.  Unless important calls are coming in, there's nothing happening on the Internet that can't wait until after gym is over.

I told everyone that the gym was operating on regular hours this week.  I'm well aware that not everyone paid attention to what I said.  That will be apparent next week when those who don't show up this week will express surprise that the gym was open during Spring Break.  Of course, I will have something sarcastic to say in response.

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