Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Grumblings and Groceries

Jesus and Rojan face each other in the photo above.  Ben commented that he would like to move as well as Rojan does.  So would I.  Rojan is very much in command of his actions while in the ring.  Alan is very interested in getting Rojan a show fight.

Which reminds me -- I'm not exactly in the loop regarding show fights.  I have been promising the youths at my gym for awhile that they can have chances at participating in those events.  I have to contact Sam and Tina regarding show fights taking place around town.

Ben and John sparred.  I didn't see much of the action because I was busy on the heavy bags and speed bag.  But I could hear Ben going on about how hard it was to get shots in on John.  "You're asking me to walk straight into a guy whose arm reach is longer than mine!" I heard him say to Alan.  Alan was trying to explain that arm length didn't matter; Ben would have to move his head and work his way in.

The difference of opinions continued after their sparring session was over.  Alan had Ben watch Jesus and Rojan.  He pointed out that Rojan was taller and bigger and had to figure out how to handle Jesus.  Ben -- who ended up with a shiner courtesy of John -- was still making an argument as to why he couldn't get the shots in against John.

I overheard Alan telling a couple of people that he wanted them to get the cardio in for the three minutes the round lasted.  The next time I catch one of the kids at my gym goofing all during a round, I'm going to point out that they need to exercise for the entire two minute rounds they have.

When I told Alan about Nay, who wanted to go straight to sparring before learning how to punch and move, he suggested that I let people do that.  "Sometimes, you have to let people get that out of their system.  Those who think it's like a street fight will find out quickly that boxing is not that," he told me.  I'm going to remember that.

Alan had to stop at the "Jewish Jewel" to pick up some items for Passover, which began this past weekend.  He said he would drop me off at home afterward.  I agreed to go with him because I neglected to do some grocery shopping earlier in the day.  I had been inside that Jewel Food Store before, which is located in Evanston, IL.  The reason it is known as the "Jewish Jewel" is because they sell a lot of kosher food items.  It seemed that most other shoppers there had the same idea.  Alan had already paid for his groceries and was sitting up front waiting for me.  I was in a long line behind several Jewish wives who were stocking up for the holiday.  But it was interesting, as I learned a little more from Alan as to how Passover is celebrated.

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