Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Channeling Dad At The Gym

The photo above is of David after a bloody sparring session.

The gym was full, but not as packed as it was a couple of weeks ago.  I didn't go last week because I had a bad cold, but I was ready for some action this week.  I sparred with Alesia, one of the new people at the gym.  It was her first time sparring.  I kept my jab out there, and for good reason.  She was taller and thicker built than I, and her punches were hard.

Ro mixed it up with Jesus.  Jesus had his hands down a lot.  I realized that he was attempting to draw Ro in so he could drop a right hand on him.

Ben and John seemed to have a slug fest.  Ben was rushing in a lot, while John used footwork to keep away from the more wilder punches.

EJ watches the sparring in this photo.

Kathy sparred with Nicole (I think I have the name right), and Nicole was rushing in with her punches.  Kathy's long arms and legs warded off a lot of damage.

I decided to channel my late dad, so I came to the gym wearing one of his Stetson hats, a jacket of his, and I was holding one of his cigars.  Alan took this photo.  "Are you going to light up the cigar?" Alan asked.  "Oh, no!  This cigar is probably more than 12 years old," I answered.  I just have it for the look, not to smoke it.  I always wonder about some boxers who do smoke.  Boxing is a tough enough sport without trying to do with smoke in the lungs.

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